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7 May, 2012 / Emily

Does Job Corps test for *? Guide to JC testing for *insert drug here*

There have been a lot of searches lately regarding drug testing. I don’t have the handbook on-hand at this moment, so I’ll tell you what I know.

Students are to enter Job Corps clean. It’s the expected, polite, and mature thing to do. We all know, however, that we join Job Corps to learn what’s expected of us, to hone our sense of etiquette, and to grow and mature. Job Corps has allowed for this.

A drug test is done upon arrival at your center. Results arrive several days after – you will be notified confidentially about the results.

Students testing positive for drugs will need to attend mandatory classes and therapy to get clean and to get help dealing with withdrawal symptoms that may hinder your progress within the program. There is no ‘penalty’, as such, for entering the program with a positive test but there ARE steps that students will need to take to get help and to help themselves.

After a positive test, another test will be administered (thirty days? I’ll check the handbook) after the positive test.

If this second test is positive, it shows that the student is unwilling to change their behaviour even with all of the resources available to them on-center, and the student in this situation will be terminated from the program.

If you’re wondering what *kinds* of drugs they will test for… Assume that they will know of any and all drugs- legal and illegal, prescription and non-.

The point, here, is that students entering Job Corps need to make the decision to live a clean life, a healthy life for their mind and body. To try to ‘get around’ the tests and the rules to continue drugs is to throw yourself under a bus. Even if you get away with it, you still lose.

If you are unwilling to give up substances in order to move your life along, you are hindering your own growth and you are not a good match for the Job Corps program.

Another thing to consider:
ANY student or staff may report you confidentially for a screening AT ANY TIME DURING YOUR ENROLLMENT. You will not find out who points the finger, and it may be completely unfounded. It may be a stranger, an acquaintance, or the guy you partied with the night before. Keep that in mind when you make your choices.


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