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4 February, 2012 / Emily

And then there were…


These students, through actions that were completely under their control, have passed up a 30k-per-year scholarship and a fantastic opportunity. Mind you, this program is not for everyone. But to make poor choices and break zero-tolerance or drug rules is a certain kind of special. More than one fourth of my input group is now terminated.
Wanna see how they screwed up?

5 December, 2011 / Emily

To be prepared – what to bring to Job Corps

Wondering what you should bring to Job Corps? You’re in luck – day after tomorrow I’ll be off to the Tongue Point Job Corps Center in Astoria, Oregon.
Read on to see what I packed using the Job Corps Packing List and my own common sense!

1 December, 2011 / Emily

A Beginning

The internet is a very limited resource for students wishing to learn more about Job Corps. Oh sure, you can view all of the official websites for each center. They’re all alike. Copy and pasted propaganda – so positive that it sounds false, sterile. No helpful information for those wanting to *really* know what it’s like.

Applying to a program like Job Corps is a pretty stressful process. Even the decision to join such a program is likely made because of stresses in a student’s situation that minimizes their options to move forward with their life. So, like anyone who lives with the electronics of today’s world, a stressed individual would turn to the internet to try and justify enrollment in Job Corps. They don’t find much!

Aside from the ‘official’ sites, you see that many people are curious or even (if they’ve already applied) anxious about the program. The answers that you find often conflict with each other, and are generally ill-written and unhelpful. Even slander makes its rounds when someone seeks information about Job Corps.

For eight months I’ve waited for the Tongue Point Job Corps Center to respond to my application. Eight months of poking around the internet attempting to find truth about the program. Eight months that, as far as I know, could be a waste on a program that’s inappropriate for me or my goals. Will it be worth it?

I think it’ll be great. I expect to take from the program what I aim to take from it – paperwork and the skills and knowledge that I’ll need in order to find a job and ultimately construct and maintain my own conservation facility. This blog will be my opinion and review, log and diary. Hopefully it will help those who wish to know more from a source who can spell and cares to treat the program seriously.

5 March, 2014 / Emily

Still not dead!

I’m back and answering questions.


15 October, 2012 / Emily

Does Job Corps check my luggage?

Yes, yes they do. You’ll be present while they go through each of your bags to check for unauthorized goods upon arrival and they’ll do checks numerous times throughout your stay.

18 September, 2012 / Emily

I’m not dead!

Any questions just pop me an email, guys. I’ll have more posts on the way!

14 August, 2012 / Emily

Another Tuesday rolls around

And new students are traveling to centers everywhere to begin their steps toward a better life. Good luck!

2 August, 2012 / Emily

Photos, post one

This post contains my first batch of photos. The second batch will have to wait until tomorrow!

1 August, 2012 / Emily

More to come soon…

Ah! I’ve got some time!

In the next few days I’ll be posting both handbooks as well as… PICTURES!

Pictures will be uploaded sometime tonight. Be excited!


Edit: I’m editing the photos for lighting now. Uploading soon!

5 June, 2012 / Emily

Career and Vocational Vocabulary document

This is a document you’ll need to study for your first few weeks attending Job Corps. From Tongue Point Job Corps Center’s “Career and Vocational Vocabulary” document in the CPP period:
Get ahead of the game and view the terms here.

5 June, 2012 / Emily

Medical info: Insurance; medical, mental health, drug and alcohol services

Tongue Point offers a number of services to students. This document outlines various health services available and explains how to use them.
Click to read the document.

5 June, 2012 / Emily

What do the drug-screen results look like?

Here’s a transcription, but I’ll see if I can’t make a scanned copy in the coming days…

Click here to see my results…

5 June, 2012 / Emily

How can I use the computers at Job Corps?

Student Personnel Office’s document on computer usage:

What is prohibited besides Facebook? Read on.

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